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Remodel & Tenant Improvements

Remodel & Tenant Plumbing Improvements

Commercial remodeling is very different from residential.  Different building codes and the excessive wear and tear from high traffic levels requires an in depth understanding different materials, work flows and usage requirements.

Valley Plumbing serves building owners and managers by providing plumbing services in tenant improvement and renovation. We provide personal attention, timely response and reasonable costs for jobs of all sizes. Our focus is on building long-term relationships with our clients. Our relationships and our work stand the test of time.

Remodel & Tenant ImprovementsThe terms tenant finish, lease-hold improvement, and tenant build-out or up-fit define the scope of the construction that is performed within a retail space to enable a tenant to operate a business. Before a new tenant can occupy a space construction must be performed to insure that the space meets specific municipal, county and state codes and requirements.


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